Using Light or Dark to Germinate

One thing most people agree on is that plants need light and water to grow! We’ll throw a little wrench into that common knowledge: not all seeds need light to germinate, and some even find light as a hindrance.  

Seeds that require light to germinate should not be buried in the soil, but rather pressed gently into the ground and kept moist. If covered, these seeds could have a delayed germination because they remain dormant when not exposed to light.  

Seeds that require darkness to germinate should be planted at the recommended depth. These seeds should also be covered with black plastic or similar material to exclude all light until they begin to germinate. 

Varieties that Need Light to Germinate

Absinthe Wormwood Seeds
Ageratum Seeds
Alyssum SeedsHoly Spirit Seeds
Amaranth SeedsAsparagus Seeds Aster Seeds Aubrieta Seeds Baby Blue Eyed Seeds Gypsophila Seeds Basil Seeds Bee Balm Seeds Beet Seeds Birds Eye Seeds Bishop Flower Seeds Blanket Flower Seeds Butterfly Flower Seeds Canned Dytuft Seeds Caper Seeds Caraway Seeds Catnip Seeds Catnip Seeds Cockscomb Seeds Chamomile Seeds Chervil Seeds Chia Seeds Chinese House Seeds Chinese Lantern Seeds Chinese Pink Seeds Clarkia Seeds Clem Seeds Jin Zi Sue Seeds Coreopsis Seeds Cosmos Seeds Creeping Thyme Seeds Dahlia Seeds Chrysanthemum Seeds Dill Seeds Dusty Miller Seeds Fivespot Seeds Flax Seeds Four O'Clock Seeds Foxglove Seeds Gay Feather Seeds Gillian Seeds Godetia Seeds Hollyhock Seeds
Angelica Holy Ghost Seeds
Arugula Seeds
Asparagus Seeds
Aster Seeds
Aubrieta Seeds
Baby Blue Eyes Seeds
Baby’s Breath Seeds
Basil Seeds
Bee Balm Seeds
Beet SeedsBirds
Birds Eyes Seeds
Bishop’s Flower Seeds
Blanket Flower SeedsButterfly Seeds Candy Flower Seeds Capers Seeds Caraway Seeds Cats Mint Seeds Catnip Seeds Cockscomb Seeds Chamomile Seeds Chervil Seeds Chia Seeds Chinese House Seeds Lantern Seeds Pink Seeds Clark Seeds Clem Seeds Coleus Seeds Coreopsis Seeds Cosmos Seeds Creeping Thyme Seeds Dahlia Seeds ds Diasy Seeds Dill Seeds Dusty Miller Seeds Five O'Clock Seeds Flax Seeds Four O'Clock Seeds Foxglove Seeds Gay Feather Seeds Gillian Seeds Godetia Seeds Hollyhock Seeds
Butterfly Flower Seeds
Candytuft Seeds
Caper Seeds
Caraway Seeds
Catmint Seeds
Catnip Seeds
Celosia Seeds
Chamomile Seeds
Chervil Seeds
Chia Seeds
Chinese Houses Seeds
Chinese Lantern Seeds
Chinese Pinks Seeds
Clarkia Seeds
Cleome Seeds
Coleus Blumei Seeds
Coreopsis Seeds
Cosmos Seeds
Creeping Thyme Seeds
Dahlia Seeds
Diasy Seeds
Dill Seeds
Dusty Miller Seeds
Fivespot Seeds
Flax Seeds
Four O’Clock Seeds
Foxglove Seeds
Gayfeather Seeds
Gilia Seeds
Godetia Seeds
Hollyhock Seeds

Impatiens Seeds
Joe Pye Weed Seeds
Lavender Seeds
Lemon Balm Seeds
Lemon Mint Seeds
Lobelia Seeds
Love in a Mist Seeds
Love in a Puff Seeds
Love Lies Bleeding Seeds
Maltese Cross Seeds
Marigold Seeds
Marjoram Seeds
Mexican Hat Seeds
Milk Thistle Seeds
Money Plant Seeds
Moss Rose Seeds
Mugwort Seeds
Nemophila Seeds
Okra Seeds
Oregano Seeds
Ornamental Vegetables Seeds
Penstemon Seeds
Perilla Seeds
Petunia Seeds
Phacelia Seeds
Poppy Seeds
Primrose Seeds
Rose Mallow Seeds
Rosemary Seeds
Sage Seeds
Snapdragon Seeds
Sorrel Seeds
Spearmint Seeds
St. John’s Wort Seeds
Starflower Seeds
Statice Seeds
Strawflower Seeds
Summer Savory Seeds
Sweet William Seeds
Tarragon Seeds
Thyme Seeds
Tobacco Seeds
Valerian Seeds
Veronica Roots
Wallflower Seeds
Wild Blue Iris Seeds
Wildflower Mixes Seeds
Yarrow Seeds